• Create and Build Garden for Hudson Community Living – 16 unit residence for adults with special needs
  • Hudson Community Service Association (HCSA) Food Pantry and TP Sunday
  • Barber Elementary School Supplies and Other Support
  • PB&J Sandwiches for Akron Homeless
  • Pentecost Offering
  • Peace & Global Witness Offering
  • One Great Hour of Sharing Offering


  • Christmas Giving Tree (annually)
  • Salvation Army Coat Collection (2022)
  • Let My People Know Donation – sharing gospel with the Jewish Community in Jerusalem (2022)
  • First Serve Akron Community Outreach (2019)
  • Puerto Rico with Praying Pelicans – Rehab of Homes (2018)
  • Salvation Army Dinner for Akron Homeless (2018)
  • New Orleans Ninth Ward Habitat Home Construction (2011)
  • Haven of Rest Item Donations and Food Distribution (various)
  • VA Hospital Item Donations (various)