Summer Mission Collection

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Mission Collection: Student Uniforms
June 12-August 14, 2016


Throughout the summer, we will collect new and used school uniform items for the children of Barber Elementary School in Akron. These items will be used to fill emergency needs during the upcoming school year.

For the most part, children within the district are able to have uniforms to start the school year. But emergency needs arise for a variety of reasons during the school year, most of which are not the cause of the student.

We hope to create a supply closet of clothing items for emergency occasions to allow the students to get back to learning.

If you would like to donate a financial gift, please indicate this mission project with your donation. Monetary donations will be pooled resulting in a bulk purchase of pants/shirts.
A collection bin can be found in the Narthex. Thank you.

  • The most popular sizes children’s 8-10,
    with the next popular size being 6-7.
  • The smallest size needed is children’s 6.
  • The largest size could be an adult Large (yes some children need the larger sizes.)
  • The school could also use children’s underwear and socks to assist with students who have accidents.

New items may be purchased at any retail store or ordered through catalogs or online. Several online sites are listed below to purchase uniforms in bulk:

You may ship directly to the church: First Presbyterian Church of Hudson, 21 Aurora St., Hudson, OH 44236.